EURCHF – Trade Entry – May 11, 2011

EURCHF Forex Trading

Entry made based on:
– Candlestick reversal pattern
– Strong Support / Resistance (made into stop loss)
– Cloud chart resistances.

My prediction will be stronger when TS (Red line) and KS(Green line) cross for the next few days.

  • nesh

    sir/ ma’am i would want to start with forex trading, since i am a newbie, i would appreciate if you could give me some tips with this matter. i am starting from scratch and does not have ample knowledge about forex. i hope i can hear from you soon. thanks

  • Jeff

    Here are some recommendations that I made a post about a few days back:

  • cathy

    Sir, I’ve been reading your blog just recently. Very interesting and I’m learning a lot. I even tried an online demo trading game to get the feel of it and it was surprising to earn such a huge profit for just a day. Actually I already took position in the stocks and I intend to keep it for long term investment. In time that I get really serious about the forex, how can I start opening an account? Do you have recommended list of brokers? Web links perhaps. Thanks.

  • anonymous

    Wow, you actually use this many indicators?

  • roberto santori

    I am going to Boracay (staying at the Shangri la resort) I am interested in setting up a school for young adults to learn forex. Lift them out of poverty. There is no cost. I have done well and this is my way of charity Any suggestions.. Are you in the Phillipines??

  • Jeff

    Yes i am in the philippines. that is a good way to give back…