Forex Analysis and Journal

These past few months, trading has been very good (I am up by 20%). I’m trying to figure out a way for me to remember my plan and strategy when trading session starts. I seem to keep jumping in and out of trades quite frequently and eventually losing.

So I will be posting small notes here to remind myself of what plan I should take. Pen and paper doesn’t seem to go well for me.

Please remember that the notes here are for my personal use only. If you follow these suggestions, I will not be held responsible for your lost.

Audusd is uptrend on monthly. Pullback on weekly. Major resistance on 1.0273 and good spot to buy.

Eurusd is downtrend on weekly. Downtrend on monthly. Strong indication to get on downtrend trades.

Eurjpy is downtrend on weekly. Downtrend on monthly. Very strong indication to take downtrend trades.

Usdcad is not sure on weekly. Looks like a pullback on monthly. Better not to trade usdcad for a week.

Eurchf is large pinbar on weekly. Large pinbar on monthly.. It is still a downtrend but the pinbar is really large. If going contrarian, better trade on upside. Trade at own risk.

Usdchf same as eurchf with large pinbar. This could be the end of the downtrend for weekly. Large pinbar on monthly. Favoring uptrend. This is a good opportunity to buy.