Forex Trade Update: I doubled my money with AUDCAD & EURJPY

This is an update from AUDCAD and EURJPY trade.

Stoploss got hit for EURJPY. I was expecting it to go down but it instead continued to go up. Lost -20 pips in the process. But the AUDCAD trade went great. +538.1 pips! My account grew 100.81%. I doubled my money with AUDCAD. I closed this trade right before the market closed.

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  • joal
  • boy

    I lost my entire investment last monday on eur/jpy. i was on fxprimus, i noticed something different with the way my trades are doing with them for that week, i never thought it would end that way though. lessons learned and i believe i can make it that’s now i’m in search again for a better broker.

  • ForexPhil

    That’s unfortunate. I know how you feel. But don’t give up. All great traders I know and me myself included got bankrupt the first few months of trading. Just be careful next time and tweak your money management. The goal is to preserve money first then make money second.