Forex Trader’s Lifestyle vs Normal People

Looking at my facebook wall, looking at my colleagues, batchmates and friends. Realizing that life is so wonderful that we are lead to live differently at how we view life in general. Some of them feels like a Saturday night drinking with friends is a good life. Some of them traveling at a far away nation or place a good way to say that “I’ve made it”. Some of them starting a family, then some of them pissed why they made those decisions.

These are all the good things that life has to offer. Drinking, partying, traveling, starting a family and so on. But I am always in shock why most of them forget, that all these things, to say that “you made it” to say you are proud of what you have accomplished, to say, you have helped your family, are things that can be obtained only if you have the money and time. And the main problem blocking that path to success is your day job.

I used to be an employee. I loved it… It is my first job, small salary, but I loved it. Its not for the money back then. But when I got into another company and started to work to get higher pay check, it started to become work. Its stressful. Its not worth it. You may be proud earning a high salary. But up to how long? You have no time. You spend the money you earned partying, traveling to refresh yourself. Then you get back to work. After a month you go to another country, party. Then back to your work station waiting for the paycheck. You have no life. As if you are just waiting to get old. Doing all the things over and over again. Its safe. Its secure. Its boring. You will die without accomplishing anything. Only the fact that your kids went to college, a house of your own, a car and nothing more. Thinking back, is that your only purpose in life? To bring your kids to college? What about self fulfillment? Your own self worth? Your own accomplishment that you can be justly proud saying a la Frank Sinatra “I did it my way”.

It is good to have patience. But sometimes you just have to stand up and say that you deserve better. I’m not saying to ask your boss for a pay raise. That’s just stupid and irrelevant. You have to go out there and do the things that you really want to do. Things that you will be happy doing without the need to know if you’ll get paid or not. Its a problem our society today, that they value money above other things. Don’t be that person. Take back your time. Work for yourself. You don’t have to be a millionaire. All you need to do is survive. The thought of luxury is fleeting and you can never reach it. It is someone who knows he does not need anything, is the richest person in the world. Both financially and intellectually.

Don’t you want to travel the whole world? Meet different kinds of people? Eat different kinds of delicacy from different countries? Meet exotic women? How would you be able to do all these things if you’re tied to your job? If a lifetime of satisfaction only commands the risk of leaving your job and doing the things you love, wouldn’t it make it a good trade off?

Be a risk taker. Don’t settle. If you want to change something in your life, you need to have the burning desire to do so. But do it without being affected by any outside force like money or reputation. Do it because you want it.

Forex trading may not be my first choice of business, or my college degree. It has never been easy for me to understand. But the idea of freedom that forex brings, only makes me want to study and push myself to learn. You may get lost in the process, bankrupt or even depressed, but its only temporary. Imagine the things that you can do once you know how to trade. Imagine all the time you will have. Imagine all the new experiences you’ll discover and enjoy because you don’t have to be stuck at your cubicle, 9 hours a day and answer to your annoying officemate. You don’t have to deal with office politics. You are just here to enjoy life. Contribute to humanity. And maybe, when you retire at the age of 30, you can probably start a family now. 🙂