Forex Trading is Just a Tool

Being successful in any endeavor means being able to focus your energy on one activity. Being good at it and enjoying the process. Many people would want to have all the best things in the world for free. They want to live the good life without giving anything or sacrificing anything. They want the instant gratification instead of the pleasure of enjoying the journey. We see all of these things when you look harder. Within ourselves especially.

How many times have I caught myself trying to do all the things I want at once. Doing this and that and part time this and that. What you get is mediocre result. I want to be successful at forex trading. Before, I thought, I can do this part time. You see experts trading easily, earning money as if they are hardly putting any effort at all. But the truth is, those experts and experienced traders, especially those who have survived for 5 or more years, put in the effort to master their craft as if they were easy.

You can not simply earn full time living thru part time effort.

Long story short, experienced traders put in a lot of hard work and time to get where they are now. Don’t be tempted to think that you could be as successful as them doing this part time. If you think about it, if they are doing this full time… How can you beat them doing it part time? You can not simply earn full time living thru part time effort.

But all this hardwork is only a tool. Being good at forex trading only opens new doors for you to enjoy life. If you ever dreamed of traveling the world, forex trading is the best tool to achieve your dream. Pursue a childhood dream. I have seen a lot of people do this already. And for me, I’m trying to do that as well. Its the journey and the thought of “its really possible” that is thrilling. Its more like of a feeling of being alive.