Forex Trading Reward: Macbook

I bought a new computer from the profits I made on this trade. The reason behind that is because I’ve been traveling a lot lately. And my phone just won’t cut it at times. I can’t look at the charts in detail. And also, I’ve been eyeing this laptop for a long time and thought of having it as a reward once I made a good trade.

I took some of the money and bought this laptop and all the remaining gets reinvested. Its a great laptop. I love it!

Lesson Learned

Though I made profits from the last trade. I wasn’t quite happy. Because I was betting really big in a business of probabilities. And I know that in time, the probabilities might hit me. I will try to lessen the risk now and be content with making money consistently in a safer way than to bet big and hard and have big returns but have big drawdowns.

What’s your reward for yourself this coming christmas?

  • Emerald

    nice rig sir, tell me how much should I invest in forex to achieve such a nice reward

  • divergencehunter

    eto ba yung 300+ pips?

  • divergencehunter

    500++ pala

  • ForexPhil

    Indeed. haha

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  • princess

    i am very much interested on forex trading yet a little bit scared that i might not succeed on this. i am a risk taker somehow but i really don’t have any idea on how to start on this. (sigh)