Forex Trading Starts Again

So where the hell have Forex Philippines (ForexPhil) been?


Traveling, climbing mountains, enjoying nature. You can say that this is a month long vacation for me. The good thing is forex trading allows me to earn money while on the road. You just need an internet connection and a trusty laptop.

Actually, December and early January have low volume so its best to just enjoy the time off and return when January is almost done. Which is what I did. We’re going to start trading again from here on. You can still trade, but I just prefer to stay on the sidelines when its a year end.

beautiful_coveThe Membership

I appreciate the comments on the post about the membership. You guys are cool. Thanks also for the people who emailed me and¬†expressed¬†their interest. So for the people who commented and emailed me expressing their interest… Thank you!

The eBook

What ebook? I’m planning to make an ebook version of the Forex Trading Course. So that people can still learn to trade forex even offline. If you want to read it while riding the bus. Print it out and give it to a friend. But the ebook has more. I plan to put in the Ichimoku series which would be cool. So stay tuned!


I went back to school to learn a “skill”. Loving every minute of it. If you want to be updated with the latest post about forex trading, you can enter you email below this page. I will let you know once the membership OR the ebook comes out!