Mailbag: Forex Brokers Philippines

good day sir!
im vibert **** previously an OFW and decided to stay in the
country, sir i’m very much interested to try the forex trading i have
already try the demo account on the MT4 platform and want to have a
live account now the problem is how would i find a reputable broker
here in the philippines so that the cost of funding the account could
be minimize because base on what i learned its mostly overseas. pls
help thanks

My Answer:

First, as far as I know, forex in the Philippines isn’t that well known yet for retail traders like us. Its mostly reserved for banks and big institutions.

Second, you don’t necessarily need a “local” broker since its all the same. Fees are the same and are minimal. And why not take advantage of international brokers’ high tech platforms? I would bet that forex brokers in the Philippines would have low tech websites and probably not tradeable by mobile. I know because I also trade in stocks. And they don’t compare to stock brokers from international companies. But I stick with them because they offer Philippine stocks. In forex, you don’t have to stick with them. Take advantage of technology.

We have forex brokers list here:

I’ll add more of them as I go and research for legitimate and secured ones. Let me know if that helped.