Never Trade on Mondays

I’ve been reading some beginner stuff about forex trading and one thing that caught my attention is that many experienced trader always advice not to trade on mondays. The reason behind this is because you want to know what will be the starting setup for the coming week so letting the first days alone is crucial. It also has the less volatility when it comes to pip movement.

I don’t know… Since I started trading, I’m never been more excited about mondays. When I was still in a full time job, I despise mondays! But now, I’m excited and I can’t even sleep sometimes.

What do you think? Do you trade mondays?

  • Thirdy Lopez

    Resources also said not to trade on Fridays.

    Trade on Tuesday PM to Thursday PM….

  • Jeff

    Yeah. I like Tuesdays to Thursdays because a lot of movement in the market. I noticed Fridays, just before closing time, there’s a lot of activity as well.

  • Knight


    I have been trading for quite some time now and I have developed a fondness for weekend trading where sometimes I almost go all in. Try taking advantage of weekend gaps. :p

  • sun

    It is risky to trade on mondays. It is crucial since you still dont have an idea where the market will go.

  • Neha Agrawal

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  • Tim Dawson

    With such risk management you doing well.