The Perfect Forex Trade… Executed!… Well… Almost…

I finally got it right. Waiting for the right set up… Then letting the profits run… Not getting too excited and exiting early. Its the first time I did a perfect trade in which I followed my own trading plan. And its a good feeling knowing that I followed and stuck to it. (Could you believe this is the first time I actually followed my plan?)

Its because I always end up entering too early or too late. Or exiting too early or too late. I get to profit up to this point. But this is the time that I actually felt good about the trade. Wow.

Also, I’m a little sad for the passing of Steve Jobs. He was my idol and a guy that I have been looking up to. Since the first time I saw his Standford’s University speech 5 years ago, I have always been following what he said. To do things I love and nothing else.