USDJPY +49% Gain

USDJPY trade with 49% gain as of today.

USDJPY could trend down up to 78.00 so I’m holding my position up to that point. I’ll try to add more position on retrace which seems to be happening as we speak and for the next week.

UPDATE: I got stopped out of this trade making a 68% profit Friday night a few hours before the close.

  • Rich

    Hi Jeff,

    Did you change strategy? where’s the usual Ichimoku Kinyo Hyo indicator that I usually see in the graph. Did you shift to 
    Price Action Strategy?

  • ForexPhil

    Hi Rich,

    I’m stll using ichimoku, i just removed it because my platform hangs with a lot of indicator while making a screenshot. As you can see on my previous post, I’m still using ichimoku.