Week 18: The More Time You Have, The Wealthier You Are

I will not be day trading anymore. I’m focused on trading daily timeframe due to several reasons.

1. I Love Having a Lot of Free Time

As you all know, I love martial arts and this year, I would like to focus on my training. And to be able to train harder, you need a lot of time to practice. I also love to discover new things and not just make money. The thought of just building my nest so my money can work for me is very tempting. I plan to quit day trading forex and focus mainly on swing trading, that is, longer time frame. Which means, less updates on this blog as well.

2. Stress is not worth it

Being stressed out in day trading is just too taxing. I’d rather spend time discovering new things than spending a lot of time in the computer everyday.

3. Being Wealthy is Not Having Money, But Having Free Time

The good thing about swing trading forex is I can set my position, set my stop loss and set my proft target. Then, I’ll just check it a few minutes everyday to see if the market went against or for my direction. I can also add or reduce positions depending on my trades, in just a couple of minutes then I’m off to do something else.

Doing something else, means starting a new business that could possibly earn me more money. Staring at a chart doesn’t make it boil. I need to do something productive while waiting for the market to move. Attend some seminars, business training or start a new business. At the end of the day, the more time you have, the more things you can do and the more money you can earn because the free time becomes a productive pursuit in making more and more cash flow for you.