Week 22: I Have Never Been More Determined Ever

This days passed. I lost quite a bit this week because of some positive news about the Eurozone and news about the USD and all good news. I was short on EUR USD and it hit me with a loss. But I’m still in this game. And will probably for a long time. This week has been so emotional for me. Not because I lost and I’m down emotionally, but because I have never felt so determined like it feels like a burning passion inside.

This is the exact same feeling that I felt before. Its a burning passion to change. To get the things that I want, and to do whatever it takes to get it. Seeing things that I want and know that there’s no chance to get it until I change myself, my attitudes or habits, makes me mad in a good way. Makes me crave for change. Makes me risk. Makes me live life.

I know you would probably not understand what I’m talking right now. But for those of you who have done something in their life at a roll of a dice and risk everything just for that one moment, I know you understand. Its a great feeling to risk something and be rewarded. Its a great feeling to pursue something, no matter how impossible it may seem, and just enjoy the journey. Because at this point, I’m living life.

Simply put, I think I have found my purpose and real goal for the next 10 years. And I thank Forex Trading for making me realize all that.