Why Do You Trade Forex?

A friend of mine asked me this question. Why do you trade forex? Why not get “a real job”? Its too risky in forex and you’re playing with it like a gamble. You should be finding a job that gives you a stable income. Not wasting your money and always checking your phone for quotes. You will settle down sooner or later, why not just save the money for your future family?

In life, there are people who will try to impose their beliefs into you. Religion, politics, society and opinions. What they think is good, what they think is right. These people may also be your friend, family or acquaintance. Some are hard to convince. Some have hidden agenda. Some are manipulative. And some are just plain concerned for you. But even though these people would try to convince you, you should always have a reason for doing something that you really believe in to the point that it looks weird, stupid or obsessive for the people looking outside. You can never go wrong if you follow what you truly believe in.

Before I even started my own business. I was just your normal employee. It was a graveyard shift 11PM to 8AM. Then on 9AM I will go to university. My class ends at 9PM. Then 11PM I will work again. There’s only 2 hours for me to have sleep. So I usually sleep during work or during class. I will say that this experience developed my determination and hardwork and I did this for 3 years.

Graduation comes, I got recruited to a more well known company. Offered a better salary now and I work mornings. During the first 5 months I was happy. I thought I’ve made it. I have a stable and good paying job working in a good company.

Every morning, after the bus stops near our company building, I always take the long walk route. I savor each moment going to the office. Because I always dreamed of this moment when I was still working on my previous job. I don’t have to beat myself to earn money.

I got to meet great people at work. People that I would say, at the top of their chosen field. People that really have the skills. And I also met people who only used their mouths to get where they are.

This is the reason why I quit my job. I’m a person who seem to have too much “hero” character inside me. “Truth and Justice”, being fair to everyone. When one person gets promoted from running his mouth, instead of the geeky nerd who does all the work. I get irritated. I have little to no tolerance with office politics. Its not fair. I am not the geeky nerd that got robbed of the position. Though I would say that I am a nerd. So I quit my job and started my own business.

Long story short, having a business is fun. After 4 years of growing my business I started to wonder. There is something that I don’t particularly like about having a business. Customer support, accounting, book keeping, inventory management, and managing employees. Is there such a business that has no customer to support? No more accounting? No more employees? Yes. Welcome to forex.

Forex trading opened my eyes. I used to wonder, if there are rich people and poor people, there should be a superhighway in which money flows from one person to another. And when that money get’s into the rich people’s hands, where do they go? You can’t just put it in a bank. Or if its a bank, where do they put the money? Well, this is it. It is the largest market in the world. It is basically, where all the money go. Floating around. Money flowing like a river. All you have to do is stretch out your hand into this stream of flowing money and grab how much you need. But there’s a catch, there’s only a few people with enough skills that can “fish” in this river. That skill is called forex trading. You must learn how to trade forex before you can make money.

But now, the reasons for trading forex only piles up. The more I trade, the more I realize its beauty.

The Beauty of Forex Trading

I trade forex because:

  • I love to travel
  • I can pursue my other passions in life
  • I am my own boss
  • I can work / trade anytime I want
  • Anywhere I want – I traded on top of a mountain
  • Intellectually challenging
  • Instills discipline and patience
  • Less capital needed compared to real estate
  • Easy to get leverage
  • Less pain in the ass. No lawyers, contractors, or government officials to talk to

How about you? Why do you trade forex?