Forex Philippines was born when a young business owner thought of having a well documented forex trading journal. But as the day went by, due to sometimes an alarming volume of red colored digits in his forex account, he may forgot to update this blog from time to time. You can see that he posts a lot when trading go well. Bragging rights if you may say. Forex Philippines is a personal journal of the author as he ventures in this world wide casino market also known as FX or Forex Market.

About ForexPhil

ForexPhil, the author of this blog, is a full time business owner and wants to venture out on a riskier (and stupid) investment and decided he wants to risks all his hard earned cash on the flip of a coin known as the forex market. This drunk business owner suddenly felt the need to retire at a young age of 25 and so he wants to risk big, earn big and fast and started to trade in the year 2009. Little do we know that he already almost got bankrupt at the end of 2010. Which luckily enough got out of the red on the 3rd quarter of 2011. Lucky bastard indeed…

Now having taught himself how to trade forex with a new found ego, and false confidence about the forex market, he now wants to break a new record on his forex trading goal. How long before he reach another bankruptcy is still left unknown.

Because he is not satisfied with just an iPad as a reward or a MacBook for achieving his goal, his ultimate goal is to travel the world funded by his forex earnings, meeting people (aka girls) and discovering new cultures on all parts of the world. He likes martial arts, boxing and karate and any contact sport that allows you to beat some other guys ass. Literally.

If he is not blogging and trading. He is usually hanging around the forex forums, drop by and say hi!


All information found in this blog is for educational purposes only. Do not take it as trade recommendations.