Community for Traders & Investors

I’m creating a community for traders and investors. A community where all the members share ideas and experience about trading and investing. A community where we guide each other and help each other to succeed.

As of this moment, it is for invites only. And we need people who are passionate about trading and willing to share their knowledge. We need people who will create educational materials and guide other newbies in the business. Because we make money on trading… not on seminars and we don’t need to take more money from newbies. We help them fish in the market instead of just giving them fish. If you think you are up for the job, just leave your comments below.

Disclaimer: We don’t pay you to become a member. But you can be a part of something great.

  • Juan Bernardo Patiño

    Hello, would be interested to contribute – Although how would this be different from Pinoy Money Talk and the like?

  • ForexPhil

    Hi Juan Bernardo Patino,

    Good question! And though I think other sites are good for asking questions about the subject, I think that I could do better in creating a better community.

    Actually, I can’t think of any other reason. I just want to do it.

  • omnispective

    Hi ForexPhil, I’m up for this.

  • Luranski

    Me too sir! Please give me an invite. thanks =)

  • Akopositalen

    I like to join 🙂 please send me an invite

  • ForexPhil

    My heartfelt thanks to all who wants to join. I will send you an invite once ready.

  • Juan dela Cruz

    Good eve everyone. I think its not a good thing to teach forex to newbies. A teacher and a student scenario won’t be effective. The internet if full of free forex education. Let newbie learn by themselves in the beginning. It is because what we can share is already shared. In my opinion this site will best serve as sharing portal, moral support to Pinoy traders and a place where forex strategy is discussed, what work and what not. In my experience successful forex trader must be tough, has initiative and very discipline. That is why if they could learn on their own the basic of trading it just means forex is for them.

  • ForexPhil

    Very good point. That is exactly what I think. That’s why I created the site for exchanging ideas.

  • DMD

     Hi! It’s good that you are planning to have a traders community. I really want to join this, I am a beginner and I will start my training on Monday at IFOREX. I hope this will be a success…

  • Jen_8a

    hi! i’d like to join too…pls email me at  thanks

  • Jen_8a

    hi! i heared about IForex…is it a good investment?  this is my first time though i’ve had experiences with stocks…

  • ForexPhil

    Jen, we are here you are free to join us!

  • Johannsen Baculio

    I loved this blog, full of insights. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experienced.

  • cammyton2atgmaildotcom

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  • Ghyrvy Caballero

    Hi @forexphil, I think I could be a good help on what your doing right now. Please count me in.

  • Christopher

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