Forex Trader Primer in the Philippines

Though, I have been on the look out for forex seminars here in the Philippines. I’m somewhat disappointed that most seminars that do come out are for 100% newbies. Most of these information can be found on the internet. But in the Philippines, not much information (offline).

It got me thinking. Maybe, I should create some series of forex trading primer so people who are behind the fence might be able to go in and try forex trading. Forex trading is just one way of trading different markets. Once you are good at it, stock market can be easy as a breeze. Although in a newbie perspective we know that the stock market can be kind of daunting.

Together with my forex forecast. I’ll try to get some articles up for newbies and hopefully get my forex forecast weekly before the market opens. That is, if I get enough time on my hands. I’m currently managing a couple of businesses.

I do apologize. But stick with me. This will be really cool.

Till then