How to Trade Forex

Welcome to How To Trade Forex Course. In this page, you’ll learn the basics on how to trade forex. These instructions are based on my own experiences in live trading. I hope that you find these articles useful. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below the page of each topic.

Learn How To Trade Forex

  1. Why I Wrote This Book
  2. Introduction to Forex Trading
  3. How to become a forex trader: 5 Steps
  4. Lesson 1: Personal Finance and Planning
  5. Lesson 2: Forex Trading Setup
  6. Lesson 3: Forex Trading Platform – Basic Trading 101
  7. Lesson 4: Forex Trading Psychology – Mindset of a Successful Forex Trader
  8. Lesson 5: Forex Trading Money Management
  9. Lesson 6: Forex Trading System – The Search for the Magic Bullet
  10. Lesson 7: Forex Trading System Development
  11. Lesson 8: Backtesting Your Forex Trading System
  12. More lessons coming soon…

How to Trade Forex with Ichimoku Kinko Hyo Indicator

  1. How to Trade Forex with Ichimoku – Introduction
  2. How to Trade Forex with Ichimoku – Tenkan Sen, Kijun Sen and Chikou
  3. How to Trade Forex with Ichimoku – The Cloud
  4. How to Trade Forex with Ichimoku – The Core System

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     I’ll add more lessons little by little. Please share. 🙂

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    You are welcome Melody.

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    hi, i heard about forex just yesterday and i’m willing to learn, how it is done, please help me, thank you. i’m from davao city

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    All the things you need to get started is right here on this page. If you really are interested to learn, read on…

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    Hi, i saw the post on the threads that iForex appears to say that it’s easy to make a profit in forex trading … can you share your personal experiences of ranges of profits you’ve had and losses of course — just to keep things balanced and realistic .. thanks!!

  • ForexPhil

    I have no personal experience with iForex as I’m happy with my brokers. I saw their ads on facebook and I do not particularly enjoy it. There’s no such thing as easy in trading.

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    I would like first to say thank you for this blog that you created to help us new comers in forex trading. I started my trading interest about a year ago, and also got trapped to this Calub’s seminar.After that I also paid for a forex signal that will place my trade even if I am away from my computer. The horror of my past forex experience. I wish I studied first what is forex trading all about before I ventured in way back. Now that I learned my lesson, My first formal forex education is last year when I came across From there I created my trading plan, system and journal. I am still in demo trade until now. Sorry for the long introduction. Just want to share my not so good experience. I came across your blog and saw that 60% of becoming profitable is coming from money management. That is my weakness as I have a lot of questions regarding with this matter. If you don’t mind me asking questions regarding this. I would really appreciate it. Hope to hear you soon. Thanks a lot. I am sending you a message through your contact webpage but it seems that It is not working so I posted it here.

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    Hi, can you recommend good fx brokers here in the ph? I am planning to invest in forex. Thanks

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    What are your recommended Debit Cards for Forex Trading?

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    Good day po, can you share to us how forex trading income is taxed? thanks

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    how to start trading po?

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    What to do in order to reflect forex earnings with BIR? I wanted to file tax with them, but i don’t know how.