Q&A: How To Get Started in Forex Trading

Today is rest day for me. And as I wait for a few hours before I go to my jujitsu class, I would like to answer some questions from a reader of this blog.


Just like to ask where did you learn about forex?? can you recommend books or seminars?? i’m going through the babypips site right now.. and i got a pdf of market wizards that you recommended.. it’s the 22 page book by jack schwagger right? also what’s your background?? just say your college course if your really private… i’m an engineer by
the way who wants to change careers. thanks.


Tot’s thank you for you question and I think these are the questions for every new trader in forex in order to get started. I got my first encounter in forex with a google search for the best business. The one that fits me, flexible time, flexible workplace, no customer support, no inventory, no employees. The search comes to an end when I discovered forex. Then I started learning and reading all I can to learn about it. My first stop is BABYPIPS.com.

When I finished all of their articles. I picked a system that fits my personality. I personally liked contrarian trading, swing trading and loved the indicators, simple moving averages and ichimoku. Those are my tools of the trade.

Then I started buying books about the topics that interested me most about forex. Jack Schwagger’s market wizards 1 and 2 are a classic. Probably the best book purchase I ever made. Then books about money management, and psychology. I still buy books about the subject and I’m not sure as to what level you are now or interests that my recommendation would not be good for you. As for now, market wizards books and babypips will be a good start.

My background is engineering as well. I’m a computer engineer. Loves programming and challenges, maybe that’s why I got hooked at forex trading. I hope these answers helped.