Review of Recent Forex Trades

The recent forex trade I posted last week were right 2 out of 3. The GBPJPY took more time before it reverses and gave us a small loss but the NZDUSD and EURAUD proved to be profitable.

As the end of the year is nearing, the activity on the market is declining. Because of that, we should only take trades that are high probability to avoid any losses. I might be able to post lesser this time as I see less opportunities. And the past week has also been an experiment as well.

I wanted to help people especially newbies on how to trade forex. So I post my trade and as if you’re looking above my shoulder. Having said that, I wanted to ask you, dear readers about what you think.

Did you like me posting signals? What could I have done better to letting you know when to get into a trade? Did you took my signals and made profit / loss?