The Evolution of my Forex Trading Style – Into the Future

As I trade into 2013, I realized that my forex trading is slowly becoming a more mature system. As I meet other traders in the forum and as I trade to my 4th year, my system, from a go-in-go-out-fast trades to a more mellow slow but profitable and safe “lets open a trade and look at it next week” kind of trade. This I think is better than suffering the stress of day trading. But as I realize this, I might also be posting less and less because the trade have nothing to be excited about as I search for longer trades, traveling and searching for the meaning of life. And I don’t want to leave behind countless newbies who still stumble in the dark.

I’ve been thinking of a membership club where I can teach them online one on one or a signal service that I could contact you should I have a trade opened and closed. My analysis and opinion and of course open questions about how I trade and my indicator, ichimoku. Of course I don’t want to charge but I think that would not be possible as I would be employing people to develop a system like that, and I don’t want to be in the red zone since I don’t want to use the money for trading for this.

What do you guys think? A signal service or a membership club or both? And how much are you willing to pay/comfortable paying?

P.S. I think $99 is highway robbery.

  • Jet

    I think a signal service and a membership club is best. Im willing to pay 40usd max for it. As a newbie ichimoku trader I am looking forward for the establishment of this service

  • Mark

    That is a good idea! I hope we could also have group meetings and discussions or a support group until we become confident enough to trade the system properly.. $40 is not bad =)

  • ForexPhil

    Thanks Mark! Your comment is very important to me.

  • ForexPhil

    Thanks Jet!

  • AmateurFX

    Hi ForexPhil,

    I’m an avid reader of your blog posts, and i’m very happy to know that there is still someone like you in spite of success, still willing to share his experiences and knowledge to newbies like us. I would be happy see a club membership where we can interact with you and of course a signal that would help us with our trades. Signal means you will register your account in MQL to be a signal provider or you will ask someone or create a customized simple trade copier that you will give to your members? I think any of the two would be fine as long as at the end of the month we learn while we earn. Thank you for this wonderful blog and i hope to see a lot of your posts soon.


  • Mika Tan

    i hope we can also do meetups and trade dissection. Below $99 is a good deal to me!