The Insecurities of Technical Analysts

Trading, whatever markets you are into is still the same, making profit out of the volatility of the price. Whatever you use to have an edge over the market is a personal reference and thus every person may have a different way to try to trade the market. Thus, there is no one person that can claim that there is only 1 way to trade.

I am using technical analysis to try and trade forex. But its only 10% of my whole trading system. Its not even that important. When I try to share this knowledge, you may already being branded as a fundamental analyst and this can raise eyebrows. What else can you be using aside from technical analysis?

I think there is a perversion in technical analysis today. Trying to claim that it is a the holy grail to trading. I think there is none. I think its a probabilities game. Its all guesses and betting money for that hunch. Ok maybe its still predicting, but its more like a perverted way to say LONG or SHORT by saying, the market will go down at this price and bounce back at this price and we can enter to earn this amount.

You can not be that too much precise as if you know the next move. Even elliot wave, which I have quit a bit of time learning, will never tell you when is an extension of a wave will end. Where a correction will end or when the extension of that correction will end. So, when do you enter?

Just because everybody is doing it, it is the right thing. More often than not, it is the wrong. Or if it is right, when will you know when it is wrong? Markets change, trading strategies become obsolete. At one point in time, one system will not work anymore. So how will you know that your trading strategies is already dead? Because your mentor is still using it? Its not a very good indicator is it?

Thinking for yourself and welcoming new ideas is the evolutionary quality that makes great traders. If you try to shoot down any new concept because it wasn’t the way you were taught, you will find yourself old with an old system that doesn’t work. The world and the market has moved on and you can never adapt.