Week 19: Money Management as Investing, Forex Trading as Professional Gambling

Taking advantage of the EURO Zone Debt Crisis.

Do you know what makes great professional poker players great? Its their money management. The reason why there are few great poker players and a lot of people just gambling using luck is because great poker players know how to use money management.

They know the probabilities of each card they are dealt. They don’t try to push their luck even with a bad card hoping that their competition has worse. In forex trading, try to make wait for the right moment to open position, rather than trying your luck just because you want to open a position. The downfall of most forex traders is that they tend to over trade. They want to open a position just for the sake of opening a position. This is detrimental to a good trading strategy, whatever the strategy is.

Money management, i believe, is the best part and makes the most part of a forex trading strategy. Systems for entry and exit like fibonacci, technical analysis and whatnot are just the small portion. A poker player does the same thing, to survive the table, he must manage the money if there comes a time when he suffers consistent losses. Trading is the same way, you must survive consistent losses until the next big trend comes where you can make back your losses and then some.

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