Why I Wrote This Forex Trading Book

The idea came when I realized that I’ve been answering the same questions about forex again and again. Instead of me spending 5 minutes everyday typing the same answers, I realized that I can save more time by making a book or online course, a forex trading course and make it available online so people can see and refer to. Also, I would like to help close friends who struggle in forex.

I also realized that there are just a limited amount of information about forex in the Philippines and a lot of seminars and scams floating around to take advantage of gullible new comers. I personally don’t like seminars and courses who’s main curriculum are not shown to the public. Nor seminars with speakers who doesn’t really trade forex full time. I would advise to ask for proof of their trading statement before giving them your money. In my experience, those kinds of seminars are too basic or can be found online for free.

As with anything, trading needs practice and lots of it. And it also require discipline and patience to every winning and losing streaks you encounter. Always remember that, whatever your reason for trading forex, always remember that reason when you really think that you’re about to give up. Usually, its the time when you think you want to give up, is the time where you are close to your goal. So hang in there.

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